Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Female Caricature of Ahmadinejad Will Run for Presidency in Ukraine.

Yesterday, Naftohaz Ukrainy Company announced that it will raise gas prices for Ukrainian domestic consumers by 50% in the beginning of next month. Today, the female caricature of Ahmadinejad, Julia Tyomoshenko, who wants to wipe out Russia and Russians, announced that she will run for presidency in Ukraine. It should be mentioned that Julia Tymoshenko is the main shareholder of the corporation United Energy Systems of Ukraine (UESU); an energy company competitor to Naftohaz Ukrainy, which has been involved with huge corruption and embezzlement in many energy contracts during the past couple of years. The combination of all these simple events, however, shows how the IMF can shape and form the Political  Scene in a bankrupt country like Ukraine directly or indirectly and later introduce it as An Orange Revolution, for example. 

Do the Western countries want to promote democratic values in Ukraine by supporting a Corrupt Person like JuliaTymoshenko? My answer to this question is a "giant YES".

M. Sirani                         27.03.2014