Friday, March 28, 2014

Olekander Muzychko, Ukrainian Far Right Leader Shot Dead By Police (Or A Dirty Covert Operation).

Following his death, apparently we should forget, who or which organization were behind the killing of 88 innocent people with sniper shots during the recent uprising in Ukraine. With this unexpectedly death or we might say dirty covert trick, lots of evidences would be vanished. As such, the case of death of 88 innocent people would be closed in the near future. Such an event might bring Lady Ashton, Estonian Foreign Minister and the current Ukrainian Interim Government some relief.

In short, the West is gambling on totally wrong horse, in a wrong place, at a wrong time amid current tension in Ukraine. The USA does not lose anything at all in this game; instead it will gain a lot from this dispute in different angles. But, I'm wondering how, based on what reason the EU particularly the two countries of Germany and France have decided to participate in such a wrong game.

Do the policy makers in Germany and France consider some issues such as: we are experiencing an economic downturn at the present; that the EU should be prepared to economically compete with other economic powers in the world, for example China specially in the next couple of years; that an unnecessary conflict with Russia is costly at the present; that an increase in military and defense budget would be a huge unnecessary burden on the shoulder of the EU at the present; that such a conflictual environment forces the EU to be dependent on other superpower in terms of maintaining its security; that an increase in military budget is in contradiction with austerity measures, etc. Do these policy makers in the EU think about these issues? or some of them are lobbying for multinational military and energy corporations; thus they don't care.

M. Sirani                         28.03.2014