Monday, March 31, 2014

A Brief Response To Those Ultra - Realist Thinkers in the West Amid Current Dispute in Ukraine.

As an Iranian in exile, I'm not really a fan of President Putin or Russia; honestly mostly due to the close relationship that Russia has with the Iranian Regime. But as i follow the news and articles about current dispute in Ukraine, i see that a large number of realist thinkers in the West are trying to smash Russia and president Putin with some shallow and flaw analyses, which most of them do not have any logical academic foundation at all. 

Every body, including you the Western Realist thinkers have the right to criticize Russia and president Putin in your analyses from different academic points of view; but creating a monster from president Putin in your writings or comparing him with Hitler or a bored child at class, or Russia wants to swallow Finalnd, etc are not academic analyses; these are just a bunch of jargon mixed with some academic terms and nothing more. These so-called "experts" have no idea that such jargon analyses that they produced, would indirectly promote the position of Russia and president Putin among many people around the world.   

The note below is a brief response to these types of experts, who their articles have broadly and non-stoply occupied the international media.  

Those Realist thinkers in the West should fundamentally think about three important issues, while they are analyzing different international event or conflict. 

1- The era of bipolar world is over and the chance that once again we will enter a new bipolar world somewhere in the future, is very low, or i might say is almost impossible, based on many reasons. Unless a nuclear war would occur. In this respect, yes, we might once again experience a bipolar world; a world, which would be divided between two survived powerful states; of course, if any state would survive following a nuclear war. 

2- At the present, we are experiencing a multi polar world. It simply means neither the USA, nor Russia, nor China nor any other state is not the only boss of the world, based on many reasons.

3- The rise of new powers simply means decreasing the power of some other super powers. In other words, we are at the transformation phase of rise and fall of empires. This process takes time, but it has begun and it is continuing.

Based on all mentioned above,thus, don't follow the path of Zbigniew BrzeziƄski in your analyses. Because his ideas are not compatible with current international events. If you want to be a realist, at least follow the path of some one like Stephan Walt, or current Henry Kissinger or John Mearsheimer. Maybe we are not 100% agree with these scholars, but at least they are analyzing the international events academically from another points of view.

M. Sirani                                  31.03.2014