Monday, March 24, 2014

Be Logical, Act Professional; Do Not Militarize Ukraine; Think About the Negative Consequences.

I hope the policy makers in the West are smart enough to do not turn Ukraine into a military zone in order to put an extra pressure on Kremlin.

The West should logically understand that at this stage Russia has enough nonmilitary leverages, if it would decide to destabilize Ukraine and some other former Eastern Block countries. As an example, Russia can easily provoke and mobilize all the Russian citizens in Ukraine and other neighboring countries against their central governments. With such a move, Russia can create a broad wave of instability within different countries in the Eastern part of the EU. Such moves are something that the NATO army cannot control or prevent. Thus, it would be wise for the USA and EU to try to find a peaceful and diplomatic solution for the current dispute in Ukraine.

Any military mobilization by the West or NATO in Ukraine not only would not ease the tension but also escalate the dispute to a critical point. Should this happen, Russia might mobilize some of its nuclear warheads and missiles directly into the Crimean peninsula. As such, the nuclear shadow of Russian missiles would once again cover the sky of the European countries. 

M. Sirani                                  24.03.2014