Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Clock is Ticking, But There is Still a Diplomatic and Peaceful Solution for the Current Tension in Ukraine.

There is still a diplomatic and peaceful plan for current tension in Ukraine. The plan would not return back Crimea to Ukraine, but it would minimize the futuristic expansionist behavior of Russia in the region. The plan would equally satisfy the EU, Ukraine, Russia and the Central Asian countries in different terms, mainly in two economic and security arenas. Performing and implementing this plan would create and maintain peace, stability and security for all the countries within the EU and Central Asia including Russia as well for many years to come; of course, if the all actors would forget the historical hatred and greed in their policies. 

Note: For curious people and those, who doubt about my statement:  I suggest you to read my previous note titled:

"A plan that might save the world from an additional disaster".  

It should be mentioned that i developed this plan exactly following the latest chemical attack in Syria in August 2013. I uploaded my proposal couple of days earlier than President Putin's proposal.

 M. Sirani                           20.03.2014