Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Australian Authority Should Not Complain About the Violation of Human Rights in Indonesia. Wonder Why?


I'm completely against death punishment no matter when, where, how or based on what reason or performed by which type of political system. In my opinion, execution is a clear violation of human rights. As such, i strongly condemn the recent execution of eight prisoners in Indonesia. But, in this respect, i don't think that i as an individual and the Australian authority share a common value or move in the same direction; no matter how strongly the Australian authority condemns the barbaric act of the Indonesian authority with regard to the recent executions. One might wonder why?

Since many years ago (beginning from 2007 as far as i know) the Australian authority has begun to return some asylum seekers (Migrant Boats) to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and some other South East Asian countries. This behavior of the Australian authority raises some serious questions as follows.

1- Is this move of Australian authority according to the internationally accepted and ratified human rights laws and conventions?

2- Doesn't Australia violate the international human rights laws and conventions by this move?

3- Do the political systems in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea fully respect the human rights laws and conventions with regard to their own citizens and those asylum seekers that Australia returns them back to those countries?

4- If the political system, for example, in Indonesia does not respect the basic human rights laws and conventions, then why should a so-called democratic country like Australia return the desperate migrants and asylum seekers to an unsafe country?

5- Finally, who / which authority is responsible, if something happens to those asylum seekers in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, due to clear violation of human rights?

Based on brief explanation above, the current Australian authority should stop with crocodile tears and fundamentally change its own inhuman & barbaric laws and regulations with regards to migrant boats. Otherwise, there is no difference between Indonesian and Australian political systems in my opinion in terms of an important subject like human rights. Because, both violate the basic human rights conventions with different tools and methods.

Note: Human rights is not a eatable fruit just for the western citizens.  

M. Sirani                                      29.04.2015