Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Zarif And Salehi: After the Nuclear Deal, Iran Will Use the Modern Type Centrifuge IR8 injected With Gas For Its Nuclear Program.

In a closed meeting at the Islamic Parliament yesterday, both Javad Zarif and Ali Akbar Salehi has revealed something about the use of modern centrifuge in their discussion with the member of the Parliament as Fars News claims.

According to this news, both Zarif and Salehi has told the members of Parliament that after signing the nuclear deal with the world powers, Iran will use its modern type centrifuge i.e. IR8 injected with gas for its nuclear activity, based on Iran's Fact Sheet as both Zarif and Salehi stated. This statement is contradicting with what the US officials have publicly and openly announced.

Note: There are many vogue and ambiguous issues with regards to the Lausanne Framework as far as we discover step by step. I'm pretty sure we will discover more controversial points within this Framework in the next coming days, weeks and months. No wonder both the USA and Iran have been trying to keep everything secret behind the scene.

M. Sirani                                    08.04.2015


Fars News (2015).