Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Exclusive: Iran Joined China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) As A Founder Member.


The decision has been made by existing members such as China, Britain, France, India and Italy. This is a huge beneficial step for the Islamic Regime in different terms. Let us briefly explore what does this development mean for the international community by using Iran's nuclear deal as a simple example.

According to the Lausanne Framework and the emerging nuclear deal with Iran, the international community will lift the sanctions on Iran following the agreement. As the USA and other world powers involved in this matter emphasize, the sanctions will be implemented and reinforced again, if Iran will not meet its commitments according to the emerging agreement.

Hypothetically, after a certain period of time, let's say after two years, Iran will not follow the nuclear agreement and the country will not meet its obligations with regards to its nuclear activity based on some reason whatsoever. In such a scenario, what can the international community do? How will the international community be able to once again reimpose the sanctions on Iran? Will the international community be able to impose sanction on Iran as a Founder Member of the bank and consequently on AIIB? Are you able to impose sanctions on the Eastern Block IMF i.e. AIIB?

This is not the end of story. Sooner or later, Iran will join the Shanghai Treaty as well, as i predicted in some of my earlier short notes. Should this happen, the international community will not be able to control the Islamic Regime in different terms including its nuclear activity.

Note: Iran is quickly and broadly penetrating in every powerful international institutions alongside China and BRICS group. In the next coming years, you cannot do anything at all against Iran. 
It should be added that Iran had deposited nearly $30 billion dollars in one or some of banks in China during Ahmadinejad presidency. This development is the fruit of that move. This development, in addition, shows how the policy makers in Tehran make the plan for the future.  

M. Sirani                                 08.04.2015