Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You Can't Stop or Even Reduce the Influence of Iran in the Middle East and Africa By Only Using the Hard Power Leverages.

There are many other important factors that you didn't or maybe you don't want pay attention to them.
In short, some areas such as Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are completely out of your hands. Some area such as Yemen is on the verge of completely falling in the hands of the Islamic Regime. You are too late to do anything about these areas with your current policies. There are, however, some other areas, which are in the primary stage in the sense of Iranian Regime's influence. Unfortunately, you are doing nothing about these areas as well.
I'm wondering: don't you have some reliable experts in this matter? Or you don't want to do anything at all about it?
Whatever the reason/s of these failures might be, your weak and inefficient policy in this matter, is really shocking me.

Note: Based on my own experience about your reaction in the past 36 years, it is not difficult for me to anticipate that you will struggle with Iran about Djibouti or Eritrea somewhere in the future.

M. Sirani                        21.04.2015