Sunday, April 5, 2015

Warning: The Possibility of Revolt of Shiite People in Saudi Al-Ahsa Province.


If the tension in Yemen would continue with this tempo that we are observing currently, we should expect the uprising of Shiite people in Saudi oil-rich Eastern province of Al-Ahsa somewhere in the near future. Should this happen, Bahrain will undoubtedly experience a series of upheavals as well. The combination of these two events will shake the Saudi political system from inside in a very powerful and fundamental manner. In case of occurrence of such a scenario, the Houthis rebels will try to expand the scope of war into the geographical territory of Saudi Arabia from the Southern border of the country.

Note: If Saudi-led coalition would not be able to ease the tension in Yemen as soon as possible (which i don't think they could do that), Saudi Arabia would be the second victim of this war after Yemen. I hope my prediction in this matter would not come true, because such a scenario would drag different parts of the Middle East into an inevitable, unpleasant and devastating chaos. We should bear in mind that nearly 16 million Shiite people live in Saudi Arabia. Such a reasonable population in a country with total population of 27,3 million people can do anything. Without any doubt, after 36 years effort, Iran has enough capacity and ability to mobilize those Shiite people in Saudi Arabia. Such an event, in addition, will increase the price of oil in the international market and save Iran's devastated economy to some extent; of course, when the sanctions imposed on Iran will be lifted.
This is an important issue, which, should neither be underestimated nor ignored.

M. Sirani                        05.04.2015