Monday, April 13, 2015

I Don't Get it.

What is the benefit of a huge and expensive military entity like NATO, when this entity cannot preserve and maintain the security of western countries against some simple threats such as lone wolf, for example? Honestly for a second think about the next question. Can NATO save the security and safety of your citizens against some drones attached with C4, for example, flown by some Islamic terrorist?

Note: Don't you think that we have arrived in a new era? Don't you think that we need new international and regional institutions in different terms and forms? Do some terms such as "Update", and "Compatibility" have any meaning for you? and finally, we are going to conquer Mars; is that an impossible mission to decrease the size of our military industry and instead produce something else, another beneficial commodity?

Maybe some have decided to follow the footsteps of their grandfathers with closed eyes. Who knows!

M. Sirani                           13.04.2015