Wednesday, April 1, 2015

One of the Most Important Tactics of the Islamic Regime in Negotiation.

 One of the Most Important Tactics of the Islamic Regime in Negotiation.

In the beginning of a negotiation, they use every leverages including smiley face and massive efforts of lobbyists and give you a false and unrealistic hope in one or some issues. They work hard until this false hope would seem so real to you. Gradually and steady, you portray a beautiful picture, which in reality is not true, for yourself about the final outcome of the negotiation. At this stage, you transfer many positive news to your political system, media and fellow citizens. Should this happen, they retreat suddenly from every promise that they had made in the beginning of the negotiation. By using this method, they crush your political reputation and push you into "the point of no return". This is the point that Mr. John Kerry has landed at this stage. 

Following this event, they drag you wherever they want in the negotiation. This is one of the regular tactics of the Islamic Regime. This tactic is, to some extent, originated from ancient Parthian dynasty method against their enemies, but the Iranian regime has developed and updated it in this way. As an example, remember the export of Iran's extra uranium to Russia. In many occasions, different Iranian officials openly and publicly were agreed with this point. But, Iranian negotiators suddenly rejected and refused this idea yesterday.

Note: You need to learn more about the Iranian Regime's tactics; a series of tactics that Thomas Schelling, Joseph Nye or any other pundits have not discovered them yet.

M. Sirani                        01.04.2015