Friday, April 24, 2015

Why Don't You Impose Oil Embargo on Libya? Do We Have to Blame Putin for This Problem?

Libya is struggling with a severe civil war, since your genius move and removing Qaddafi from the power. The country has become a failed state and consequently a suitable platform for every terrorist and criminal groups across the Middle East and Africa. At the moment two different groups are fighting with each other uselessly to seize the power in the whole country.

Why don't you impose oil embargo on Libya? Why don't you use this only leverage in order to force those two groups for a compromise or a diplomatic solution for Libya? Is there any disagreement between U.S. or EU oil companies with regards to Libyan oil reserves and who should earn more or less in this matter?

Note: Billions of dollars Libyan money, whether state money or Qaddafi's money is in the U.S. and EU banks. Thus, you don't have any problem amid financial issue. What is the problem then? Do we have to blame President Putin and Russia for this disaster? Does Russia veto any resolution in this matter within the UN Security Council? Or do you need to see couple of thousands more body bags in Greece, Spain and Italy to fix the problem in Libya?

It's funny. The leaders of 28 EU countries had a conference about migrant boats; they have decided to destroy the boats, arrest the smugglers, more patrol in the Mediterranean Sea. But no one has suggested this issue and how to fundamentally fix the problem in Libya; a country, which has become the main platform for transporting the migrants from Africa to Europe.
Blame Putin; enjoy the cheap Libyan oil; forget the rest of the story.

M. Sirani                       24.04.2015