Sunday, April 19, 2015

Instead of Promoting Liberal Values and Human Rights in North Korea, Russia or China, The Developed Countries Should Firstly Clean Up Their Mess in the Middle East and Large parts of Africa.

The developed countries are directly or indirectly responsible for the capsizing of migrant boats and drowning of thousands innocent people in the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, instead of spending billions of dollars annually to promote human rights and other liberal values in some countries such as North Korea, Russia and China, the developed countries should clean up their own made mess in the Middle East and large parts of Africa.

Note: All the Western policy makers and politicians should pay attention to an important point that every time, when they are talking about human rights and liberal values in their speeches, they are making fun of themselves and nothing else.

Thus, clean up your own made mess or step down from your official position as a normal human being, who respects the basic moral and ethical principles. 

M. Sirani                                    19.04.2015