Thursday, April 16, 2015

Warning: Establishing Asylum Seeker Camps in A Failed State Like Libya? Are You Out of Your Mind? (Blood Oil).

Guess what?

As i understood, some genius policy makers (Possibly within the EU) have established some asylum seeker camps in a totally failed state like Libya, in order to prevent the wave of illegal immigration toward the EU; or as they might claim: "in order to save the lives of immigrants and do not let them be drowned in the Sea".!!!!

1- Regardless of severe inhuman condition of those camps, these genius hotshots have absolutely no idea that in fact, they have opened some clear recruit centers for some Islamic Terrorist groups such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shebab and some other international criminal organizations by this wrong move.
From now on, all those Islamic terrorist organizations do not need to use massive resources in order to recruit new members for their inhuman and terrorist activities. Instead, they will directly and easily go to those camps and without any effort, possibly after an interview, recruit what they want among those desperate people.

Moreover, do these genius plan designers have any idea that some of those asylum seekers have escaped from their homes because of some civil war or ethnic or religious conflicts? in this respect, in a failed state like Libya, which reliable authority and security forces can preserve and maintain the safety of those desperate and innocent asylum seekers?

I'm wondering, do these genius policy makers want to recreate another Rwanda or Bosnian Genocide event, this time in Libya? Do these genius hotshots understand what they have created?

Note: To those genius designer of such a plan:
Couple of years ago, the UN established some asylum seeker camps, for example in Turkey or Pakistan, for the Iranian people. This plan functioned, to some extent, due to the the fact that Turkey and Pakistan were not failed state.

Warning: The EU is responsible for any horrible event, which might happen in those camps. All the policy makers in the EU should also bear in mind that almost all the EU countries have ratified the membership of ICC and ICJ.  

M. Sirani                                   16.04.2015