Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lausanne Framework Will Open A Series of New Battlefields Across The Middle East and Africa. Jut Be Patient And Watch (02.04.2015).


The Lausanne Framework does not preserve and maintain the security of the Arab countries and Israel in the short as well as long term based on the details revealed today. The weak details of this Framework, accompanied with the logical and reasonable notion of the lack of trust to the Islamic Regime, portray an image among the Arab countries that for preserving their own regional security, they should rely either on their own collective self-help or another super power rather than the USA. To put it simply, the Lausanne Framework does not / Cannot / will not prevent the nuclear- arm -race among the Middle Eastern countries neither now nor in the future.

We should bear in mind that the Lausanne Framework is, in addition , going to lift most of the sanctions imposed on Iran following the emerging deal. Such an event, would give an extra power to the Islamic Regime in different social,cultural, economic and political terms in domestic as well as international arena. In other words, the Islamic Regime would be able to impose its hegemonic-expansionist policy across the Middle East and Africa with more powerful leverages in various terms and forms. The result of such moves would simply be the opening of new battlefields across the Middle East and different parts of Africa.

In sum, the Lausanne Framework would change the balance of power in the region in a very peculiar, chaotic and devastating manner beyond the control of any super power or an useless international entity like the UN.

Note: Just for a second put your feet in the shoes of the countries in the Middle East. When you seee that Iran has always violated the international laws and conventions in various occasions. Iran has signed Non-Proliferation Treaty, but it has not fully revealed and reported its nuclear activities. Nearly most of Iran's nuclear plants and activities have been discovered by an external actor not the Islamic Regime itself. A responsible international body such as IAEA after many years has not been able to verify the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activity up until this moment. IAEA has not been able to visit Parchin and some suspicious areas inside Iran yet. After many years struggle, the Islamic Regime is still not issuing a simple visa for Ahamd Shahid the UN Human Rights representative to visit Iran.

Bearing in mind these simple examples, how on earth would the Arab countries trust the USA following this Framework and do not seek the nuclear weapon? (Can anyone give me a single reason in this matter?).

M. Sirani                           02.04.2015