Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Honestly; Who Should We Blame?

In his presidential campaign, President Obama promised to finish the two wars and bring back home the U.S. forces.
What happen after six years?
Due to some unknown circumstance/s, the USA is currently involved in war in 1-Ukraine, 2-Afghanistan, 3- Iraq, 4- Syria, 5-Yemen, along with many other secret and proxy wars in Libya, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali, etc.

This issue raises a serious question as follows.

Question: Who should we blame?

A: President Obama
B: Some genius advisers
C: Those powerful rich individuals or companies that supported Obama's presidential campaign.
D: Three Musketeers G. Bush, D. Cheney, D. Rumsfeld
E: E. Snowden
F: President Putin
G: The skeleton of Osama Bin Laden drowned somewhere deep in the ocean
H: The cook of the White House
I: Global warming and melting the ice bergs in both North & South pole
J: Wrong rotation of the Earth
K: Flying Hubble Telescope somewhere in the Milky Way
L: My naughty sense of humor.

Note: The best answer will receive a nice intellectual gift.

When it comes to the foreign policy, Obama administration should get the Nobel Price for most chaotic foreign policy in the entire history.

M. Sirani                        28.04.2015