Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Unpleasant Combination of Poverty and Inhuman Judiciary System of the Islamic Regime in Iran.

We all have heard many sad stories about poverty; but this one is really heartbroken one. This is the sad story of a poor family in Iran; a country that is unbelievably rich in terms of oil, gas and other natural resources.

A young Iranian mother sold her new born baby for an amount less than $1000 dollars in order to pay the fine and release her husband from prison.

The story is that the man was arrested following a physical street fight with someone else. Iran's security and judiciary authorities arrested the man and consequently fined him by an amount of nearly less than $1000 dollars. The man couldn't pay the fine; as such, he was imprisoned. While in the prison, his wife gave birth to a baby. Due to the severe poverty, the young mother sold her new born baby for less than $1000 dollars in order to pay the fine and release her imprisoned husband.

The judiciary system was informed about this illegal transaction through an unknown phone call. Following this event, the Police arrested the mother and handed over the baby to the grand mother.

This is just a simple example of harsh condition of majority of the Iranian people, who are living under the poverty line due to the inhuman, totalitarian, barbaric and unlawful authority of the Islamic Regime.

M. Sirani                                23.04.2015