Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The U.S. Senate Panel Passed the Bill on Iran Nuclear Deal. This Move Would Put an End to Obama Administration's Appeasement Policy Toward Iran At least in Nuclear Issue (14.04.2015).

As an Iranian in exile, i fully support the bill. I'm sicking tired of the apologist and appeasement policy of the current U.S. administration and some other political systems within the EU toward Iran.

Note: As i had anticipated in some of my earlier posts; Your appeasement and apologist policy toward Iran will inevitably drag you into a much more critical point with regards to Iran's nuclear activity. The new bill passed by the U.S. Senate is the primary sign of that. This is just the tip of the nuclear dispute iceberg with Iran. Be prepared for more dilemma and chaos in this matter from every angles.

Not to mention that the combination of Khamenei's recent speech, which would undoubtedly develop new demands for the Iranian negotiators in nuclear dispute, the new bill passed by U.S. Senate, delivery of Russian S-300 to Iran, the Western countries wrong policy against ISIS, which is totally beneficial for the Iranian Regime and its puppets in both Iraq and Syria, and the current tension in Yemen will cause a huge headache for the international community in the next three months. The Western countries have a very tough road ahead in this matter. Unfortunately, the Islamic Regime of Iran has the upper hands in many of those issues mentioned above, As such, the chance that Iran would retreat from its demands and accept the 5+1 requests with regards to its nuclear activity is unbelievably very low.

M. Sirani                             14.04.2015