Saturday, April 18, 2015

Was / Not Delivering of Russian S-300 Missiles to Iran, Part of A Secret Deal Between U.S., Iran and Russia in the Lausanne Framework?

You might call this short note a product based on conspiracy theory. But there is some or i might say high probability that the delivery of S-300 defense missiles was part of a secret deal between USA, Russia and Iran following the Lausanne Framework; a type of incentive offered by Obama administration in order to 1- encourage the Islamic Regime for a nuclear deal and 2- give a full security guarantee to Iran in case of a possible Israeli air strike against Iran's nuclear plants. Because, lifting the sanctions in this matter at this period of time, suddenly by Russia, was not an accidental move in my opinion.

Has anyone or any intelligence entity tapped or intercepted anything at all in this matter?

Note: Both Russian and Iranian officials claim that S-300 missiles are a type of defensive weapon and delivery of this weapon to Iran is not the violation of the UN arm embargo imposed on Iran. In this respect, i should say that everybody knew and know that S-300 is a defensive weapon. The important point is how on earth suddenly out of the blue, Putin has decided to lift the ban in this matter at the present. The answer to this issue might lie in the secret triangle negotiation between USA, Iran and Russia. By this move, Obama administration has shown its honesty and loyalty to Ayatollah Khamenei and at the same has given Iran a full security guarantee in case of a possible unilateral Israeli air strike against Iran's nuclear plants.
As i have repeatedly mentioned in my earlier posts, there are lots of secret deals between Tehran and Washington within Lausanne Framework. That's why, Iran has not published its fact sheet up until this moment, despite Khamenei's direct statement, which told Rouhani government: publish Iran's fact sheet; let Iranian politicians and intellectuals discuss and criticize it. That's why, there are huge differences between the statements of all actors involved in this negotiation with regards to the details of Lausanne Framework.  

If my prediction in this matter would be true, this event could be the most dirty and scandalous trick of Obama administration; worse than Watergate Scandal for President Nixon. 

M. Sirani                              18.04.2015