Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Latest News From Lausanne: The World Powers and Iran Have Reached A Broad Understanding.

Q: Haven't you had enough time in the past 36 years to understand each other on various issues including Iran's nuclear activity?

Iran knows perfectly that Obama administration is desperately looking for a nuclear deal. As such, it plays its regularly cat & mouse or seek & hide game in order to get more advantage from the West as much as it can. Don't blame me when i say some of you have absolutely no idea about some issues such as the behavior of the Islamic Regime, its special characteristics, etc.

Don't blame me when i say some of you just have read some books or articles from Thomas Schelling (Strategic Realism) or Joseph Nye (Soft & Hard power) but you have absolutely no idea how to use these theories in an instrumental manner in order to solve the current nuclear dispute with Iran. To put it simply, some of your advisers have read and memorized these ideas and repeat them like a tape recorder in a best possible way, but they can't use them in an appropriate and professional manner and make them compatible with special characteristics of the Islamic Regime.  

Note: Today is 1 April. Be careful not to be fooled again and anymore.

M. Sirani                          01.04.2015