Friday, April 10, 2015

There is Seriously Something Fishy Within the Lausanne Framework Between the USA and Iran.

Due to massive contradictions between what the current U.S. administration claims and what the Iranian officials explain about the Lausanne Framework and the notion that the Iranian Regime does not want / has not published its factsheet yet, we can deduce that there is seriously something fishy within this Framework between the USA and Iran; a type of secret and hidden agenda that other members of 5+1 have absolutely no idea about that.
In this respect, Russia and China might be exception. Because these two states have close relationship with Iran in different terms. As such, they will highly likely get enough information about all the details of Lausanne Framework between Iran and the current U.S. administration including its hidden agenda from their Iranian counterpart.

But what about France, Germany and the UK? Do these countries like Russia and China get enough information about all the details of this framework from Iran or the USA from their American or Iranian counterparts?

I don't think so. As such, it would be wise that the policy makers in France, Germany and the UK would once again reevaluate what type of deal Iran and the current U.S. administration have privately and secretly agreed in this Framework.

Note: Be aware and do not jeopardize your political career and reputation by involving in the Lausannegate Scandal. There is seriously something fishy in the USA and Iran's part of this Framework. No wonder, some states such as Israel and the Arab countries do not trust the Obama administration anymore. 

M. Sirani                                10.04.2015