Monday, April 20, 2015

What Does An Old Persian Proverb Say About An Event Like Current Libya? (NATO Members Should Pay Attention).

The proverb says:

"A retarded person drops a stone in a well, that hundreds smart guys cannot take it out".

This is the exact story of those genius decision makers that invaded Libya. Those genius politicians are responsible for the deaths of thousands innocent migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. After a while, they might be retired, but the history of human race never forgets nor forgives them.

Note: NATO members should firstly clean up their mess in Libya, North Africa and the Middle East, then fix the problems in Ukraine, Russia, China and North Korea. In addition: stop the crocodile tears or promoting Human Rights and Liberal Values around the world. All of you have, to some degree, a dirty and bloody resume.  

M. Sirani                           20.04.2015