Thursday, April 9, 2015

Exclusive: Pay Attention Carefully to Today's Khamenei Speech Word By Word.

The chance that the Lausanne Framework will turn into a solid and long term agreement as the current U.S. administration optimistically-loudly claim and propagate is very low based on today's Khamenei speech; much less than what the Obama administration is dreaming.

Note: Obama administration repeatedly and publicly claims that there are only three options in response to Iran's nuclear activity. These options, as President Obama repeatedly claims, are: 1- the current nuclear framework that the administration is following, 2- Walk out of the nuclear negotiation, which does not change anything at all; on the contrary paves the way for Iran toward obtaining nuclear weapon 3- War against Iran. By this type of statement, the Obama administration would justify its wrong policy and would try to sell the world a false idea that Obama administration has chosen the only best possible option with regards to Iran's adventurous nuclear activity by following the Lausanne Framwork.

In response to this false claim and wrong policy, i say that there is a fourth option, which would function much effective and less costly in different terms than the other three options including the useless Lausanne Framework. 

The fourth option is a combination of 1- imposing sanctions on Iran and simultaneously 2- performing Regime Change policy with regards to Iran. This is the only option, which would guarantee the peace and stability in the Middle East and avoid the rapid nuclear arm race in the region somewhere in the future.    

M. Sirani                                  09.04.2015