Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Just in: Saudi Arabia is Prepared its Special Guard Forces For a Possible Ground Operation In Yemen.


Regardless of the military skill, expertise and highly modern equipment of Saudi's Special Guard Forces, any foreign troop's ground operation in Yemen would end up to a huge failure based on many reasons.

Those, who may doubt my statement in this matter, should pay more attention to some issues such as: 1- the long period deprivation and ideological characteristic of Shiite Houthis, 2- historical background and the hard reaction of Yemeni people against the invasion of any foreign troop, 3- high level of resilient and adaptation of Yemeni people to survive in a very harsh, difficult and inhabitable environment and 4- the type of ongoing guerrilla warfare and many other factors, which exploring all of them are beyond the scope of this short note.

Based on brief explanation noted above, it would be wise that the Saudi's strategists reevaluate their move in this matter; before it's too late.

Note: You can't win a guerrilla war in a harsh and inhabitable land like Yemen with those special characteristics by a modern army. Ask yourselves: Did highly modern Soviet Union or the U.S. armies manage to win the guerrilla war in Afghanistan? (Learn something from history).

As i predicted in my earlier posts: there are many other important factors, which current policy of Saudi-led coalition do not pay any attention to them. As such, with current policy, Saudi-led coalition will badly lose the battle in Yemen. With your current wrong policy and additionally deploying ground forces to Yemen, You are:  1- losing the war in Yemen, 2- you will spillover the Yemeni civil war into Saudi Arabia's territory somewhere in the near future, and 3- You will lose the safety and security of the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb and consequently will make this strategic port completely impassable.
If you, however, are eager to get the patent right of another historical fiasco such as the Vietnam war, this time in Yemen, please go ahead; In our contemporary confused and chaotic world in every aspects, the road is also open for you. Why not?

M. Sirani                              21.04.2015