Thursday, April 23, 2015

Intensifying Tension in Yemen is Equivalent to Increasing Uprising in Bahrain and Possibly in the Eastern Part of Saudi Arabia, More Terrorist Activities of Muslim Brotherhood and other Radical Groups in Egypt and Of Course Firing Rockets From Gaza to Israel.

Hamas has recently received some amount of money from the Islamic Regime, which is under severe sanctions. What would be the move of the Islamic Regime, when the sanctions are lifted?

Note: I repeat my words again: with current policy, the Saudi Arabia-led coalition will badly lose the battle in Yemen and consequently the Yemeni civil war will spread into Saudi Arabia's territory and other parts of the Middle East somewhere in the near future.
Trust me: If you deploy your best ground forces into Yemen, you lose the battle in that country. You are too late, too short and with current policy, you reach nothing, except the total destruction of the country and a huge amount of  revenge left for the Houthis in the final stage. In the best possible situation, if you are lucky of course, you will again divide Yemen into two pieces. (Although, i personally doubt about this possibility; the Iranian Regime would not allow you to do that at this stage based on many reasons). Iran has the upper hand in Yemen and some other parts of the Middle East; as such, it undoubtedly goes for "All or Nothing".

M. Sirani                           23.04.2015