Monday, April 13, 2015

Delivering Russian S-300 Missiles to Iran Means Obama's Military Option Against Iran's Nuclear Plants is Off The Table.

One simple question:

1- Is seizing the power in Ukraine the most important issue or Iran's nuclear threat?

Note: The wrong policy of Obama administration with regards to Russia resulted to

1- Losing Crimea.
2-  Ongoing civil war, total destruction of large parts of Ukraine and its devastating consequence in different terms including collateral damages and large numbers of internally displaced people.
3- Unsolved Syrian civil war and its negative consequences after 4 years.
4- Unknown and ambiguous nuclear deal with Iran.
5- Extra militarization of the Eastern European countries, which has imposed a huge unnecessary cost on these countries.
6- Repeatedly stagnation within the useless United Nations Security Council
The story continues,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Those genius decision makers, who couldn't predict the overall negative consequences of their wrong policy in Ukraine should answer the following questions.
Did you manage to fully conquer Ukraine?
Did you manage to expand NATO territory into Ukraine?
Did you manage to once again rebirth NATO by creating a artificial conflict in Ukraine?
Did you manage to buy Putin the same as you bought Yeltsin and Gorbachev?
Did you manage to overthrow Putin from Kremlin or you increased the reputation and popularity of Putin among the Russian people and international community through your wrong policy in Ukraine?

Those genius decision makers, who created this disaster in Ukraine, are physically living in 2015, but mentally they are flying and dreaming in the late 1980s.

M. Sirani                         13.04.2015