Saturday, April 11, 2015

With Current Military Operation, You Will Never Win the War in Yemen. Your Current Operation Will, on the contrary, Spillover the Yemeni Tension Into Saudi Arabia's Territory in the Near Future (11.04.2015).

Your current inefficient operation, if it continues in the future as it is currently, will spillover the Yemeni tension, firstly, into Saudi Arabia and later in some other areas across the Middle East in the form of a total war between different Shiite and Sunni groups. Be aware about the consequences of your current military operation in Yemen. In addition, you might lose the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb to the Hothis. Bear in mind that the 40 kilometers width Bab-el-Mandeb can be easily impassible by some rockets fired from Yemen.

Note: Those responsible in this matter should bear in mind that starting a war is an easy task. Achieving the goal and how to finish the war in a victorious way is a very difficult task.

M. Sirani                                 11.04.2015