Friday, April 17, 2015

Troika Would Probably Lose the Battle Against Greece Based on Its Miscalculation.

The main policy makers in Troika think that a no-deal with Greece might finally lead to the collapse of current left wing political system in Greece and consequently emergence of a new right wing government in this country; a new government, which would follow the austerity measures ordered by Troika.

This assumption is totally wrong and counterproductive. Due to the fact that the majority of Greek people were fed up with harsh austerity measures during the past couple of years. Moreover, the majority of Greek people have nothing to lose anymore due to those austerity measures. That's why, they voted for a left wing party in order to have a fundamental change in their daily hard lives.
As such, the chance that the left wing government and Greek people would retreat from their reasonable demands is very low.

Note: Troika not only would probably lose the battle against Greece but also would drag the whole world into another economic depression based on its greed and miscalculation. 
As an old Persian proverb says: Smart fishermen (Chinese and Russian financial institutes) are ready to catch a fat fish (heavily indebted Greece) in this murky water (Chaotic international environment). 

M. Sirani                            17.04.2015