Wednesday, April 15, 2015

President Rouhani: The Sanctions Should Be Lifted The Same Day the Deal is Signed and Finalized. Otherwise, There Would Be No Deal.

High ranking Iranian officials state:

1- The sanctions should be lifted the same day the deal is finalized.
2- Iran would never allow any foreign entity or official visit its military bases.
3- Iran will use its IR8 modern centrifuge for its nuclear activity following the nuclear deal, as both Zarif and Salehi told the members of the Parliament.

Note: As i explore the released details of Lausanne Framework and the reaction of Iranian officials more and more, i discover more and more contradiction and disagreement between Iran and 5+1. I'm wondering what type of details Mr.Kerry and Javad Zarif were agreed on, during the Lausanne Honeymoon? 

M. Sirani                               15.04.2015