Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Javad Zarif Explained Briefly "the Khamenei Doctrine"; But Marie Harf Didn't Get it.


Following the publishing of Zarif's article in the New York Times (newspaper), the spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State, Marie Harf stated that still we (She and the USA) don't know what the proposal of Zarif is in this article.

I have read Zarif's article too. In this article, Zarif attempts to impose some ideas including:

1- Iran is the only stable and powerful state in the Middle East and the USA should accept it.

2- As such, in case of any conflict in the Middle East, the USA and any other world powers should discuss the problem with Iran not any other state in the region.

3- Rouhani government is the only golden chance for the USA and other world powers amid a nuclear deal with Iran.

4- In general, the USA and other world powers should accept and obey "the Khamenei Doctrine" (Like Monroe Doctrine). According to the Khamenei Doctrine, any efforts by the USA and other world powers to interfere in the Middle Eastern countries would be viewed by Iran as acts of aggression,  requiring Iran direct or indirect intervention or a type of proxy war at least.

Note: Those politicians and scholars including Z. Brzezinski, who claim that a nuclear deal with Iran would pave the way for further "Cooperation" between USA and Iran in the region, should pay more attention to the essence of statements released by the Islamic Regime's officials. In the past 36 years, all high ranking of officials in Tehran have been repeating one statement but with different tunes and words and that is: the Islamic Regime's way or high way. Some delusional pundits as well as politicians do not want to believe to this simple fact, which they have experienced it in various occasions. 

M. Sirani                           21.04.2015